Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ruining You - Nicole Reed

I want to start  this post by Thanking Nicole Reed for this EXCELLENT sequel to Ruining Me!!!! If you read my post on 10/21/12, you will see that I was floored with the ending of RM. I literally sat up at night wondering when I would get closure on such an emotional and riveting ending. I begged for the sequel just to calm my nerves.  Well, It was worth the wait. Ruining you will be one of my top books for 2013.

Ruining You brings you immediately to your knees during the first chapter. JJ has lived through her own hell and she is still not sure she should have survived with so much loss around her. In the first few chapters, she takes on the emotional roller coaster of her therapy, her relationship with her parents, her guilt and love that lingers, her pent up emotions regarding Kane, and the anger she regards.

Nicole Reed introduces a new character in RY  whom is pivotal to JJ's acceptance and willingness to move forward with life.  When JJ meets Eli in therapy, her inner bitch comes out. But over time, these two become so close and he is a glue that helps her move on. I loved Eli and I am so glad he was in this story.

Throughout the book, we are reacquainted with all the friends from RM. We see Rhye (yeah), Kane (yummy), Molly, Reed, and Cal. We also get a bigger presence from JJ's parents. Did I mention KANE????? Once again, there is a book boyfriend that makes you wonder if there are real men out of fictitious characters that can be this awesome. Even though the reader has to suffer through angst with the Kane/JJ/Rhye triangle. It is well worth the wait.

The only complaint I have is the ending. I felt like there could be a longer epilogue with details. But there is now room for a book three if Nicole would like to give us more (hint, hint, hint).

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  1. Thank you so much for that review!! :) I think you will see Kane & Jay again.... :) Love the blog!!!