Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Racing on the Edge Series- Shey Stahl

                            Happy Hour     Black Flag    The Champion

Where do I start? I lost almost 3 days of sleep trying to get through this series. I still have the last book to read, but my family decided they needed me for a little while. It is on my to do list this weekend.

Let me start by saying that I am not even sure how I came across this series, but I loved it!! I give it 4.5 hearts.Shey Stahl is brilliant in her writing style and descriptive nature. I know nothing about the sport of racing, but after reading this, I may go to the Daytona 500 next month.
Let me give you what this story is about......
  • Love
  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Dreams coming true
  • Racing to the finish
  • Never giving up
  • Finding yourself
  • Understanding
  • Dysfunction
  • Love, Love, Love
  • Family, Family, Family
I know I mentioned love and family several times, but that is it. This family and their friendships are beautiful and enduring and must overcome so many challenges and hurdles. There is life, death, births, tragedy, winning, losing - all of it. The two main characters are mindlessly in love ( super sexy too) and it make you feel the heartache and excitement throughout the series.
I only have one complaint- the parenting ( or lack thereof). I was disappointed by the way Jameson and Sway allowed their children to act and behave -I am all in favor of open parenting but whoa!
With that said, you kind-of expect them to behave their own way.

I can't give too much of a synopsis here but I can tell you to read these books. If you are a fan of Erin McCarthy's racing series, this is for you. Even if you aren't a fan of racing-read this series!!

Devoured- Emily Snow

Let me start by saying I have never read any work by Emily Snow, but my love for tattoo's and rock & roll led me to Devoured. I am happy with the results. As you may know from my read list, I love any story that revolves around bad boys and bands (Hello- Jake & Kellan).
Devoured covers the story of Sienna Jensen forced to leave California and return to Nashville to help her Grandmother save her home. While there she realizes the man going after her home is the rock star Lucas Wolfe. Sienna and Lucas have a past and she is not happy. Through manipulation, Lucas makes a deal with Sienna that puts her in a position to act as his assistant for 10 days. If she lasts the 10 days, he will hand over the deed to the home. 
With two beautiful characters and a steamy, sexy past....... this is a fun read.

Here is what I liked- writing style, character development, steam, sass, humor, and rock and roll. While I did not fall in love with Lucas as I have others in past reads, I did like him. I do have a complaint about the ending. I felt it was rushed and we waited the whole book to get to a handful of paragraphs. Then I realized there is a book two on it's way.
All in all , I would recommend this book but you may want to wait until #2 is on the way.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fight with Me- Kristen Proby

Fight With Me


I am not even sure where to start with this review.  I loved this book!  I loved it so much that I picked it up again to re-read in case I missed anything. Let's see- is there anything that wasn't covered in this story?
Relationship Drama- Check!
Conflict and Heartache- Check!
Sexy, Steamy Situations- Check! 
HEA?- Check!

I have never read Kristen Proby prior to this series, but she is on my top authors list right now. I cannot tell you how happy I am with Fight With Me.  The love story was exceptional and I once again found myself in the fantasy world wondering where I could find a Nata McKenna.
Both characters are beautiful and Kristen kept all previously introduced characters in the mix. It was nice to see Nat and Luke again and witness the birth of their daughter.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an obsession with Contemporary Romance and general love stories.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Up to Me- M Leighton

Up to Me by M. Leighton: NOOK Book Cover
Okay- I will admit,I was waiting for this book to release on pins and needles!  I re-read "Down To You" in anticipation of heading straight into "Up To Me". Once available- I read in one sitting. I ignored all daily activities and family needs just to savor this book. I was not disappointed!!

In book two, we are given more details of Cash's secret life and the growing emotional  and physical attachment between Cash and Olivia. You can literally jump into the pages and feel the heat scorching off of them. Although I found Olivia's continuous self doubt a little annoying, M. Leighton did a great job of keeping her character consistent. And I LOVED how Olivia grew in the end. I was so proud!!

Can I just say that I need a CASH DAVENPORT in my life????? He has now ranked up there with Kellan, Jake, and all of the Chase brothers!! I found myself a little worried when he started to pull back on his feeling because I saw the book coming to a close without any resolution to his feelings. BUT I WAS WRONG AGAIN!!!  The bar scene was delicious! I stopped reading in order to grab a cold beer and cool off. The I jumped right back into it.

The twists and turns on the plot line are brilliant and the reader is given an insight into what happened all those years ago when Cash's family fell apart. Let's just say that not all is as it seems in the Davenport family. I have a feeling I am going to like the new family dynamics!!!

I highly recommend both these books and can't wait for book three in the series. M. Leighton is a favorite of mine!!