Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beautiful Bastard- Christina Lauren

Wow!  After all the reviews I read regarding BB, I am not sure I even read the same book. I really liked this book!  I think that Christina & Lauren did a nice job. This is not FSOG or BTY, but there are some similarities. I think it is a stand alone book that does a good job at giving the reader insight into two very strong characters.

Chloe and Bennett are two very head-strong characters that love perfection and expect performance in both their roles. Even though Bennett is a raging asshole, I seemed to love him by the end of the book. The reader discovers that he has a human vulnerability and her name is Chloe Mills! 
Chloe is great!  She can dish it as well as she takes it. Her determination to get her MBA and prove her worth is awesome!  She is loved by her friends and co-workers and this shows all throughout the book.

There is a shift about 3/4 of the way through the book that turns from the annoying banter and hate and leads to a more functional relationship. This is where I realized I was enjoying this read.
Overall, I do recommend Beautiful Bastard as a 3.5-4.0 star rating.

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