Thursday, October 3, 2013

Worth The Fight- Vi Keeland

It didn’t matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same.

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she’s been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it’s boring…and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle’s office and everything changes…for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

I'm not even sure where to start with my review. We all know I love Vi's writing style and characters, but Worth The Fight takes my love to a new level. Nico and Elle are two troubled soles fighting demons that haunt them daily. There passion and intense feelings for each other can not be denied, but neither of them knows how to let go of the guilt and shame they carry. This is a love story about overcoming the obstacles and letting go of the past.

One thing I really applaud Vi about is writing in a STRONG female lead character that knows how to stand her ground. She is not weak, annoying, defiant, or a pushover in any way. Elle is a beautifully complicated woman who finds herself in a position she never thought possible. She is losing control of her sculpted life as she falls for Nico. As a reader, I loved this. She deserves happiness and love- even though she doesn't see it.

Nico- well let's just say he's amazing. He's charming, sexy, and endearing. He carries around guilt over an incident that we learn was not his fault. He and Elle together are magnificent. His feelings are obvious and he goes after what he wants. Since the book is told in alternating POV's, I was able to really get to know Nico. Because of this, I fell in love with him.

I can't say much more without giving spoilers, but I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a beautiful story about two people that are facing real chance at true love.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Made For You- Vi Keeland

Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise. It was only supposed to be a fling. But life can be funny sometimes, and circumstances brought them back together again. Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after. But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted, she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams. Can their love survive long distance? Sydney’s touring with a man every woman wants, but he only has eyes for Syd. And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful. Can the two find a way through to forever?

Okay, I know I have been absent for quite a while but I have been working really hard on a surprise. There's only one person I came out of hibernation for and that is the awesome VI KEELAND!!!!!
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Made For You because I stalked her. Being so gracious, she didn't have me arrested- she sent me the book instead.

This is a PERFECT conclusion to Jack and Sydney's story!  I was so scared we wouldn't get the chemistry and passion we had in book one and I was wrong. This book was filled with love, passion, jealousy, angst (not unbearable), and of course friendship.

I can't write much because I fear I will give too many details. I am so in love with this book and can't wait to sit in on the discussions when it is released. If you haven't picked up the first book in the series- Belong To You- DO IT NOW!  You will want to read these back to back and follow this amazing journey.

Thank you Vi! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

REAL- Katy Evans

A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition…
He even makes me forget my name. One night was all it took, and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wanting…
Remington Tate is the strongest, most confusing man I’ve ever met in my life.
He’s the star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit, and I’m drawn to him as I’ve never been drawn to anything in my life. I forget who I am, what I want, with just one look from him. When he’s near, I need to remind myself that I am strong–but he is stronger. And now it’s my job to keep his body working like a perfect machine, his taut muscles primed and ready to break the bones of his next opponents .
But the one he’s most threatening to, now, is me.
I want him. I want him without fear. Without reservations.
If only I knew for sure what it is that he wants from me?

Have you ever had such a book hangover so bad you want to relive the last few hours of your life EVERY FU%CKING DAY???? That is what REAL did to me. I can't tell you how much I LOVED this book. It hit me out of the blue and I can't stop thinking about this story!


Katy Evans delivers such a powerful and gut wrenching story with REAL that my stomach physically hurt by the end. Remington & Brooke are nothing like any other book couple out there. There is a lot of foreshadowing in the beginning that lets the reader know Remy is a complicated and dark man, but HOLY SHIT!  His life is a series of sad events that lead him to be a closed and damaged sole. I wish he was standing in front of me so I could hug and kiss all his hurt away.

From the first chapter of the book you can't help but like Brooke. She has compassion, love and grit. Even though she had her share of disappointments in life, she picked up the pieces and moved forward with the determination to help others. When she accepts the role with Remy's team, I shouted with Glee because I saw really great things about to come off the pages.

Let me just mention how intense this story is. I haven't felt this level of sexual frustration since Twilight. Even though we don't get a good sex scene until halfway through the book, the writing that leads up to it is hot. Brooke doesn't hold back her desires and it was good to know she could hold her own and tell Remy exactly what she wanted.

Now let's address the Illness that plagues Remy. When this was revealed  I knew this would be a top pick for me in 2013. The book took me to a whole new emotional level when I finally understood why Remy was closed and mysterious. I looked at each character with new eyes because I realized why he surrounded himself with these people. And when Brooke understands her role in his life now that she knows his secret- you can't help but cheer for this couple.

Let me just say how happy I was with the ending of this book. Even though it was emotionally crippling, it all pulled together. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to crawl in a corner because I knew we weren't going to get HEA that I craved. But I was wrong. When the whole truth came out, my heart both broke and jumped for joy. As if I didn't already love Remy, I now found myself obsessed with him. His selfless act was the ultimate sacrifice for love and I wanted to strangle Brooke. But I felt her heartache so I just reveled in their connection.

The ending is beautiful with no cliffhanger. The story of Remy & Brooke will continue in book two and I can't wait to watch their journey continue.

Thank you Katy Evans for bringing such a beautiful book to me. I will sing your praises for a very long time!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Belong to You - Vi Keeland

My honeymoon was almost everything I dreamed it would be, a tropical paradise, turquoise water, romantic walks on the beach, and loads and loads of mind shattering sex. The only thing missing was the groom.

After seven years of coasting through a relationship with Michael, my senses were numb. A week of passion with a stranger was just what I needed to clear my head and take back control of my life. But how do you move on when the man that was only supposed to be a fling somehow seeps into your soul and steals your heart?
WOW!  All I can say is WOW!
Belong to You is one of those books going to my Favorites category for sure. I devoured this book in one sitting.
I knew when I purchased this book it was going to be a series so I was prepared for an unfinished ending. But I was pleased with the ending. This is the type of book that makes me want to pack up my best friend for a tropical vacation and see if I can find my own Jack Cole.
Vi Keeland brings all my favorites to book one of this new series. There is lust, angst, sadness and heartbreak, mystery, sex and steam. This book delivers so much more than the synopsis let's on. I was scared it would be about a week-long affair that gives you an immediate HEA. But I was WRONG!  This story starts with an affair but the true story runs so much deeper.
This is a story about a shadowed character, Sydney, whom lost herself and is trying to find  her new place chasing her dreams. She left her fiance 2 months before their wedding and starts a new life- a life she thought was never going to happen. While this seems like a small point, it turns out to be the pinnacle that will lead to book two. Sydney's best friend, Sienna, goes on the "honeymoon" with Sydney and coaxes her into having a fling.
I loved the relationship between Sydney and Sienna. These two best friends are funny, wild, strong and solid.
When the Alpha-Hot Jack Cole comes into the picture there are fireworks. Every woman has a fantasy about their very own Jack Cole. He hits with a force that made me want to jump into his bed in the first five minutes. I knew he had secrets and demons, but they still were sexy. 
The story follow Sydney and Jack as they connect outside of their tropical bubble and navigate through the delicate process of starting a relationship. Both characters are exceptionally written and the emotions are high - in a good way.
I am always looking for new authors that give me a story that stick with me. Vi Keeland has done just that and I am begging her to release book two ASAP! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Resisting The Bad Boy- Violet Duke

Abby Bartlett is the quintessential nice girl. Between teaching, volunteering, completing her PhD, and helping her best friend raise his daughter, Abby never gets the chance to be anything but nice. That is, until the all-wrong-for-her man she’s only ever known from afar starts daring her to simply take that chance for herself.  His sage advice?  Try something wild and fast.

Preferably him.                                                   

An unbridled, hotshot attorney with a not-so-little black book, Connor Sullivan has earned himself quite the bad boy reputation.  But in his defense, he’s a very conscientious one. He knows far too well that sometimes in life, love isn’t enough…or worse, not even a factor at all.  To avoid that misery—and repel the drama—Connor always makes his one and only rule crystal clear right from the start.  Absolutely nothing more than a month.

Turns out, a whole lot can happen in one month.


“Why you little—”
Connor launched at Abby as she shrieked out in laughter and tried ducking around him to make for the door.  Snatching her around the waist, he hoisted her cackling body over his shoulder and upended her back onto the bed.  “You set me up.”
Now unliddable, her giggles effervesced, giving zero credence to her perfectly scandalized denials.  He trapped her under him and buried his grin against the curve of her neck, feeling disproportionately victorious at the gasp she couldn’t contain when he skimmed his lips over her collarbone. 
The woman was getting to him.  This time, when his lips found her soft skin again, it was with purpose.  “You planted that wicked little bag-o-fun there for me to find, admit it.” 
She gave an Oscar-worthy gasp at the accusation. “What?  What possible reason would I have had to do that?”
“To drive me up the wall?  Send me bursting through my zipper?”  He nipped at her earlobe playfully.  “Though I guess I should be flattered to be the reason you bought all that stuff.”
The cutest derisive snort he’d ever heard shot out of her like a torpedo with impeccable aim.  “Breaking news, Connor: scientists have in fact discovered that the earth doesn’t revolve around you.  Women buy toys for themselves all the time.”
He nearly bit off his tongue to avoid even thinking about Abby having any sort of toy-based fun.  “I still call foul.  When you and I agreed to this who’ll-beg-first stint, you didn’t say you’d be weaponizing your attacks.” 
“Weapons?”  She blinked innocently.  “You make them sound so sinister.  I’d say they’re more like…private tools.  Survival tools, if you will.  For my time here.  Naturally, you were never meant to see them.” 
Bull.  Next, you’ll tell me the snowflake masquerading as underwear in that bag is worn strictly for comfort.  Hell, I’ve seen more fabric on the teeny doilies in Skylar’s toy tea sets—”
“Aw, I remember those,” she cut in softly with a smile.  “She used to go on and on about how her ‘bestest Uncle Connor’ hosted the fanciest dress-up tea parties.”
“I wore suits,” he clarified gruffly, “and don’t change the subject.  Why buy sexy lingerie if not to have them be seen?” 
By me.  He didn’t have to say it out loud, they were both thinking it.  And his ego was celebrating it. 
“Easy access,” she eventually answered, straight-faced.
His imagination went nuts.  Picturing Abby wearing the microscopic scrap of white lace he saw earlier for private ‘easy access’ unhinged him.  He shackled her wrists above her head with one hand and began tickling her ribs.  “Another foul.”
“Stop!” she screeched and dissolved into a breathless puddle of mirth.  “Okay, I admit it!  It was a dirty, dirty foul on my part.  You should definitely take a free throw shot.”
He paused, wondering where she was going with this.
She pointed to the trash can.  “There’s the basket; my new panties can be the ball…since yours are clearly in a twist.”
Incredulous, he dialed up the tickle torture to merciless.
Her squealing ‘I-take-it-backs’ became unintelligible as she wriggled and squirmed and bucked until soon, he was fairly certain he was suffering more than she was. 
Breathing hard, he released her wrists and rolled onto his back beside her.  “You’re planning to drive me completely crazy these next few weeks, aren’t you?”
Limbs all akimbo, head dangling off the bed, she heaved between breaths, “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

Author Bio:
VIOLET DUKE is the pen name for Nina Nakayama, former professor of English Education turned author who now spends her days on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance.  When she’s not catering to the whims of her story characters or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, she enjoys randomly rearranging the furniture in her house, tackling reno projects with her power tools, cooking ‘special edition’ dishes that laugh in the face of recipes, and trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first.  Nina lives in Hawai‘i with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husband.  Learn more about her and her books at

Click here to purchase Resisting the Bad Boy

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Connected by Kim Karr

What if a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ could happen twice?

Suffering from a past full of tragedy, Dahlia London's soul has been left completely shattered. Happily ever after is a far cry from reality in her world. But, when she is reconnected with her past, the bonds that form are irrefutable.

When River Wilde, lead singer of The Wilde Ones, comes back into Dahlia’s life, the intensity that fires their relationship combined with underlying feelings that have never died lead her to believe she has met her soulmate.

Struggling with confusion as old connections fade and new ones begin, Dahlia's grief begins to lift--but guilt remains. River wants to be the one to mend all that is torn within her.

But with a past that is never really gone, can their future survive?

That is the 4- letter word I would use to describe Connected by Kim Karr. I can't tell you how great this book is- actually I would describe it as MAGNIFICENT!  If is easily in my top three books of 2013 and I have read 75 books so far this year. Let me compose myself before I finish this review. This book makes me wish I knew how to create video reviews.

Connected has it all- love, angst, steam, sizzle, heartbreak, passion, and mystery. Unlike most other Rock Star novels, Kim Karr has introduced a sense of mystery in her book that is completely refreshing. This is a true love story that makes even the hardest  of hearts melt. The level of emotions present in this writing style is so moving that the reader can actually jump into the story and wrap themselves up. I was so engrossed in the story of Dahlia and River and I cried when the last word was read. I did not want this beautiful story to end.

What if a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ could happen twice?

In a chance encounter, Dahlia meets River Wilde one night in college. Even though there is a mutual attraction, Dahlia is in love with her boyfriend Ben. She walks  runs away fron River and never looks back. 

Fast forward a few years and Dahlia and Ben are living together, engaged, and ready to start their life. Then tragedy hits- BOOM!  Dahlia is faced with the death of Ben and the demise of the life she thinks she was supposed to live. Her loss and journey of recovery is heartbreaking.  I could actually feel her grieving process all the way to my sole. Her love, commitment, and loyalty to Ben is amazing and emotionally,I was right with her the whole time. You see, Ben wasn't just her fiance and best friend, he was her rock when tragedy struck her family throughout her life. These two grew up together and their love story was written from a young age. Dahlia has to learn to live a life without her other half.
 When Dahlia's best friend forces her to take an assignment in Las Vegas to cover an interview, forces collide and she comes face to face with River again after 5 years. The chemistry is still evident and this time, she cannot walk run away from him. Thus begins a love story with such velocity and intensity that even the most critical audience is cheering for.

Kim wrote most of this story from Dahlia's point of view and this allowed Ben to stay a main character in the book. Throughout multiple flashbacks and side visions, Ben and Dahlia's relationship is explained further and it is easy to understand her confusion about her overwhelming feelings for River. To me, this was written so that I could feel her guilt when she discovers that her soulmate may not be whom she thought he was.

I could spend all day just fantasizing about River Wilde. Honestly he makes Jake, Travis, Kellan, and most others look like amateurs. His immediate connection to Dahlia is so powerful that I am now a firm believer in Soulmates. He carried this love affair to a level I felt to my own soul. His love and adoration for Dahlia was classic. He is so sexy, thoughtful, charming, caring etc, etc, etc..... I am telling you honestly- he is topping above the others right now in the book boyfriend category. Oh, and when we finally get to his POV- it is well worth the wait!!!!
I need to advise anyone who reads this book to PAY ATTENTION to EVERYTHING. Don't skip ahead, don't overlook the conversations, don't even blink if you can. At the end there is a side storyline that comes together that hits you - SMACK- and you start to weave all the clues together. I think I started to figure out there was something odd going on at about the 50% mark, but I didn't piece it together. As I started to delve into the secondary characters, I started to feel a since of discomfort and realized there are secrets everywhere and something important has happened in the past that involves everyone.

Let me just say that I was completely shocked at the end. Kim Karr brings a whole new level to the term cliffhanger. I am not sure if I am furious or elated. Those are serious the two emotions I felt. When I mentioned before that I cried at the end- you have to read this story to understand why. The ending is epic and lays the trail for book two.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this ending blows away anything out there right now. It is so powerful that it  is on the same emotional level as Callie & Kayden. The next book in this series will be as anticipated as Collide, RIY, All In, Ella & Micha, TMS etc.......

I am begging Kim Karr to finish up #2 in record time so I can hole up and finish one of the most dynamic love stories I have ever read!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BLOG TOUR STOP! VACANT by Evelyn Baldwin

Ethan Parker gets up every day, surviving the only way he knows how—alone.

Orphaned as a child and forced into the child welfare system, he knows better than to depend on anyone but himself. He’s learned trust is a word used all too often, but rarely earned.

Ethan believes that his best chance for maintaining a simple and solitary existence is to live by a simple mantra: Don’t get involved. Keep things simple.

Take care of yourself!

When a young woman moves in next door, Ethan is forced to reevaluate his beliefs. He tries to keep his distance, but his new neighbor’s infectious smile and outlook on life leave him struggling with the decision of living the life he knows, or taking a chance on the unexpected.

As Ethan develops a relationship with his new neighbor, Emily, he realizes nothing is simple and learns that life is about more than just surviving… it’s about living.


I can honestly say that I LOVED this book. Even though it was a novella, it was packed with emotion, romance, sadness, joy, and true love. Throughout the 100 + pages the reader is taken through a journey that lasts 15 years. Even though this seems like a large timeline to fit into such a short story, Evelyn Baldwin does an excellent job with the flow of the book.

From the first few pages, I was gripped with sadness for this wonderful character named Ethan Parker. As I learned his hardships and his drive & determination to make a life for himself, I felt a sense of longing for him to find his HEA. Ethan doesn't have much, but he has worked hard for everything he has and he lives his life as a loner because he doesn't want any complications.

When his new neighbor, Emily, knocks on his door. I felt the immediate connection. Even though this was  not a "fly by night" romance, Ethan and Emily have created a beautiful love story that jumps off the pages. They both grow into such wonderful characters that you can't help but cheer them on as they navigate into a future together with no foundation at all.

This is a novella like no other out there right now. There are no best friends to rely on, no parents for guidance or advice, no novelties of todays' acceptance (cell phones, Flat Screens, DVDs, Laptops, etc). Instead this is just a story about two young adults that overcome terrible tragedies and find each other. I followed their voyage with happy and sad tears in my eyes because I was so proud of these characters. To me this was really a feel good story that I highly recommend.  

I read a lot of books and I have my share of emotions that I expect with a contemporary romance. Evelyn Baldwin hit them all with Vacant !

Evelyn R. Baldwin was born in the Midwest and spent her childhood on a horse ranch. As an only child, Evelyn was often forced to entertain herself with the family's horses as companions, and her imagination the only limitation.

After moving to St. Louis to attend college, she earned a degree in Education. During her Master’s program, Evelyn discovered her fascination with behavior and psychology.

Her first professional job experience was as a juvenile counselor, which led her to venture into other human sciences, eventually making a career with Behavior Analysis. While writing is a hobby for Evelyn, she often uses her experiences with human behavior to guide her characters.

She’s written short stories since childhood but only recently began exercising her real writing muscles. While she does not consider herself a professional writer in any sense of the word, she continues to polish her craft and hopes for success in her writing ventures, even if they are just as a hobby.
Twitter: EvelynRBaldwin
Buy Links: