Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forever Black- Sandi Lynn

When Ellery moved to New York with her boyfriend, she thought they’d live happily ever after in their small New York apartment. She never thought he’d pack his bags and leave because he “needed space.” With her newfound single status and fear of being alone, Ellery buries herself in her artwork and paintings until one night she helps a mysterious intoxicated stranger get home safely. Little did she know the mysterious stranger is none other than CEO and millionaire Connor Black. After finding Ellery in his kitchen the next morning and assuming she broke his #1 rule about sleepovers, he becomes intrigued, not only by her stubbornness and defiance, but by her kindness.

Connor Black, emotionally dead and damaged, that stemmed from a personal tragedy, made a vow to never love or fall in love with a woman, until Ellery Lane walked into his life by accident. After she opens up and shows him her world, Connor starts to feel emotions and feelings he never knew existed. Despite the rumors and warnings regarding Connor Black and his use and misuse of women, Ellery finds herself being drawn into his world.

Ellery knows they can never be together because she is harboring a deep secret that could destroy Connor emotionally forever.

Join Connor and Ellery as they embark on a journey of courage, love and strength. Will it be enough to save them?

Let me catch my breath here...... Okay, I think I am composed. I have just read one of my favorite books for 2013. I did not want this book to end. I wanted to revel in the story of Connor and Ellery for at least 100 more pages. I only have a few complaints and they are pretty insignificant compared to the magical story that unfolded from "Forever Black."
This story starts off with Ellery's boyfriend walking out on her and citing "irreconcilable differences" and leaving her to wallow in self- doubt and misery. She throws herself into her art and her job in order to get on with her life. Then, with the decision to go go one night with her best friend, her whole life changes FOREVER!
Connor Black is a very private man hiding a deep rooted guilt that has led him to a life of no relationships. He is a self-admitting playboy that uses women for sex with no room for anything else. Lucky for him, when he gets blistery drunk one night in a bar there is an angel to take care of him. And because of this chance meeting, his life too is changed FOREVER!

So begins the journey of Connor and Ellery and the bumpy road that gives readers laughter, tears, angst, pity, sadness, and understanding. Connor and Ellery are two completely opposite soles that mesh perfectly when thrown together. She is kind, gentle, loving, free-spirited, open minded, and determined to take chances and live an open life. He is rigid, focused, close minded, domineering, and used to getting his way.
They both hold secrets that  make them the way they are. The only problem is that Ellery's secret is in the present and Conner's secret is 12 years in the past.  

The great thing about Sandi Lynn's writing style is this book is that we didn't have to wait until the 50% mark for the secrets to be revealed. We learn the truth and this is what drives the rest of the book. As the reader I was able to feel all the emotions that both characters displayed as they found the way to each other.

**Spoiler Alert**
 One reason I loved this book so much is the way Sandi was able to write in the emotional issues facing cancer patients and the ones who love them. This is a very hard subject to address because of the nature of the disease. In this book, you see the strain on both Ellery & Connor and the love it takes to move forward. Connor was truly a force and his love came flying off the pages. You can only hope for the HEA that they both deserve.

Okay with all the praise, here are my complaints. I felt that the ending was rushed. Even though there was a brief Epilogue, I think their journey and love deserved  to play out for a few more chapters. For example, how do all Connor's past lovers handle his new status?  How did Ellery find out she was in Remission? Tell me about the wedding??? Maybe there is a continuation in the works for this wonderful romance.
  Sandi Lynn has a wonderful debut novel that has made me a fan for life!

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  1. Thank you so much for your touching review. There is going to be a 2nd book from Connor's POV which will address Connor and his lovers and other topics in the book. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil it! I'm so happy and touched that you loved my first novel so much. xoxo