Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Unexpected - Anne Leigh


There are times, when you least expect it, where fate hands you the one person you cannot live without.

Sedona Mackenzie had her life perfectly planned; down to the coffee that she drank, the curfew that she lived by, and formulas that she solved to release stress. She had everything figured out, in a neat, little timeline. Then, fate chose to intervene in the form of a chance meeting with a guy who stirs unknown emotions inside her, leaving her reeling and wanting for more.

Zander Zebowski is not your typical college jock. For one, he's a good guy. Second, he's pretty smart. And, he's level-headed. The farthest thing on his mind was smacking into a woman who may just be his undoing.

This is not your typical bad boy meets good girl love story. This is a story between two people who are great on their own. But, with each other, they are absolutely perfect.

I must say, I wasn't sure what to expect with this book or this author. I was aware this was more NA than YA, and I was looking for a read that didn't have me waiting for  more in the end. When I read other reviews about Love Unexpected, it became clear that it may have a jaw- dropping ending. I was curious so I went ahead and bought the book.Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Anne Leigh is a great story teller with a good imagination for her characters.

Once again, you are introduced to a female lead with a male best friend that is perfect! Sedona has her life planned out with little room for disruption or a highly unexpected relationship. She is not your typical college senior because she has mapped out her life to the nth degree and really has closed herself off from everyone but her 3 best friends and her father. Then comes........ Zander.
Zander is the school quarterback, rich, almost famous, gorgeous, thoughtful, smart, goal driven, and totally enamoured with Sedona. He is persistent to a degree and it is HOT! Even though Sedona gives him many reasons to give up on their relationship throughout the book, he sticks to his plans to win her over. Even when he is betrayed and left alone, he finds a way to understand her reasoning and lights up the pages.

I can't review this book without mentioning the perfect best friend. I love Keiran!  He is the one person that I watched the whole book to see if there was going to be any kind of love triangle. He is such a great character and I felt his presence was essential to the love story blooming. With that being said- there is a revelation that rocked me to my core. I just want to jump into the pages of this book and make him love me!

So yes, I liked this book and I am glad I picked it up. Even though I had to remind myself many time that it was fiction (football season does not last the entire school year and there is no NFA), I wasn't disappointed.
Oh yeah- even though you get a solid ending, there is a lot of room for a sequel or spin off with theses characters.

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