Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Devoured- Emily Snow

Let me start by saying I have never read any work by Emily Snow, but my love for tattoo's and rock & roll led me to Devoured. I am happy with the results. As you may know from my read list, I love any story that revolves around bad boys and bands (Hello- Jake & Kellan).
Devoured covers the story of Sienna Jensen forced to leave California and return to Nashville to help her Grandmother save her home. While there she realizes the man going after her home is the rock star Lucas Wolfe. Sienna and Lucas have a past and she is not happy. Through manipulation, Lucas makes a deal with Sienna that puts her in a position to act as his assistant for 10 days. If she lasts the 10 days, he will hand over the deed to the home. 
With two beautiful characters and a steamy, sexy past....... this is a fun read.

Here is what I liked- writing style, character development, steam, sass, humor, and rock and roll. While I did not fall in love with Lucas as I have others in past reads, I did like him. I do have a complaint about the ending. I felt it was rushed and we waited the whole book to get to a handful of paragraphs. Then I realized there is a book two on it's way.
All in all , I would recommend this book but you may want to wait until #2 is on the way.

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