Sunday, October 21, 2012

On Dublin Street

This book came to Amazon much sooner than B&N so kindle reviewers had the opportunity to read and comment before nook readers could even purchase. I reached out to the Author and begged to know when it would be available. As promised, it wasn't too much longer and I bought and read in the same day.
This is really a wonderful love story that make me wish I could find my very own Braden Carmichael.

Samantha Young does an excellent job of bringing her readers into the world of Jocelyn Butler and her determination to hold the outside world at a distance. Through a heartbreaking tragedy, Joss losses everything and tries to live her life as emotionally void as she can. When she meets Ellie and Braden Carmichael, her world changes.
This book give readers all the elements of a wonderful love story with tremendous heartbreak and finally- acceptance. The sex is hot and steamy and the characters are extremely developed. I hated for this book to end!

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