Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Perfect Game - J. Sterling

This is the perfect book to start my new blog site!

I chose this book based on the fact that it was a fresh new author ( to me) and was a new read with no current reviews to give me any insight or opinions. GREAT DECISION!!
This was a terrific book with love, hate, redemption, forgiveness, and friendship. This story will make readers laugh, cheer, cry, scream, and root for this damaged relationship.


Two beautiful young adults with damaging pasts connect with an explosive love story. There are barriers in the way of their future together that are almost insurmountable, but these two will try anything to make their love work even with severe trust issues and self-destructive behavior.

Cassie is a head-strong college junior determined to stay focused on her photography dream. She is firm in her belief that Jack Carter is bad news and she needs to stay away - for her head and her heart.

Jack Carter is the campus baseball star with the second title of "Campus Playboy". He easily admits to never sleeping with the same girl twice. He is relentless in his pursuit of Cassie with the promise of the fairytale ending.

As you can guess- their story has conflict and heart break and you find yourself in a love/hate dilemma. You will find yourself yelling and crying as the story unfolds. But don't give up.

If you are a fan of contemporary romance and love to find new authors, then I highly recommend this book. It completely covers all areas of contemporary romance with grace. I anxiously await J. Sterling's next book and hope she will find a way to continue the story of Cassie & Jack.  I propose a challenge to J. Sterling- "Prove It" that their can be a sequel to this beautifully damaged love story.

For more information on this author, please visit her website

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