Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Coincidenceof Callie& Kayden

Although I loved this book, I was not prepared for it to be a continued series.  The main character development was excellent and you can feel the intensity between Callie & Kayden. I loved all secondary characters as well. Even though this was young adult, the book exposes some huge issues that are tough to address. From the beginning I knew the deep secrets both characters were keeping, but I was obsessed with watching how they would be revealed. Callie & Seth's relationship was a beautiful example of trust and love that is born from tragedy. 
I had huge issues with both the matriarchs in this book. Come on- your children are supposed to be protected and loved throughout their lives. How can you turn your back or ignore the signs for years in order to save your image? Not going to rant too long- but this was ridiculous!
Moving on...... I was glad to see the relationship born between C & K. They needed almost all the luck in the world to get together. The build up was rewarding knowing that Callie was so damaged she hid herself from any growing experiences. She never had friends, dates, social skills, etc. She locked herself in a trance until she could get to college and rebuild herself. On the other side, Kayden had it all- friends, sports, sex, good grades. When the depth of the abuse is exposed, you know he lived much like Callie with a greater facade.

I read this book in one sitting and felt the end was coming in a rush. with 13 pages left the climax started to unfold. As I said, I was not prepared for a series. The ending crippled me for a while.
**** Small Spoiler Alert*****

The first thing that came to mind when this book ended was "Ruining Me" by Nicole Reed. This is not a book for you to read if you were looking for the HEA.

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