Monday, November 5, 2012

Crossfire Trilogy- Sylvia Day

I wasn't quite sure if I even wanted to write about this series yet since I was so disappointed with Reflected In You, but I feel I need to write this down.
I have recently found a Fan Forum site as well as more information on Sylvia Day's website. The Forum does a great job allowing fans to reach out to Sylvia with their questions- after they have read the books. I may be able to finally get some answers to the unanswered questions and try to move forward with my extreme heartache that RIY left me.

Heartbreaking Second Course to this trilogy- Read with caution and Tissue. Sylvia Day took this to a new level and was really able to show the emotions and obsessive nature of it's main characters. She had some great twists that could be predicted - but they really intensified the story. (Who doesn't like a hot Rocker?)
As I read the first two in the series, I realized this was not going to be an easy love story. It is very easy to root for Eva and Gideon, but at some point you just want to yell at the book and demand some self respect. Gideon's arrogance and Eva's obsession can take your patience to the next level.
However, I am hoping these two can make it through and have a HEA ending- right now it seems unlikely.
I have discovered that EIY's release date has been pushed out to at least February- maybe even May. Sylvia is still working on the book and it sounds like it may be from Gideon's POV.

I am sure that I will wait impatiently for the release and pre-order just to satisfy my curiosity, but if I could start over- I would wait until all books were released before starting the series.

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